Hey there!

Welcome to my website.

Lilli is my real name. Nice to meet you, reader. Yamamoto is an alter ego. It is a dancer name, a vogue house name. It tells that I have been accepted into an international high level vogue community that represents a family – the House of Yamamoto.

I am a versatile dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. I focus on three different street dance styles: house, hiphop and voguing. I have trained numerous other dance styles and I have 15-year-long career in synchronized skating in my past. Currently, I teach dance in two different dance schools and I coach dancers and groups for competitions. I also participate in all kinds of competitions whenever there’s a chance.

Creating opportunities for other dancers has been on my agenda for some years aswell. I am the executive director of Vantaa street dance association which is a non-profit dance school with over 300 students.

I study psyhology in the University of Helsinki. On top of my passion for movement and the human mind, I sing, write poetry, do a bit of modeling every now and then and read almost anything I can get my hands on. So, all in all, I am multifunctional woman – half artist, half scientist. My future goal is to keep pursuing both of those paths and combine them in a meaningful way.

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