DJ Esgrove – Afro Rhythm Mix


One of Finland’s finest, DJ Esgrove put out this mix today. Good stuff, made me think of summer.




It was about the time!¬†Somepoe (a word play from “Finnish boy” in Finnish, I assume) seems like the first decent Finnish vogue producer. Coming from Oulu, a city in Northern Finland, he’s been under the radar until now. Fostered by the Red Bull Music Academy 2013, his entrance into the vogue world is quite amazing in my opinion. I mean, not everyone can wake up the attention of Vjuan Allure and get his remix to your EP.

Before publishing the Can’t Say No EP, he’s created some pretty awesome tunes. A big favorite of mine is his remix of J Cole and Miguel’s track Power Trip. It has a cool baltimore vibe and I just love it.

Enjoy! I’m already dancing here…